CPAP comes in two forms; the automated and regular model. However, rarely do people understand the difference between the two. Continuous positive airway pressure is a machine that helps in stabilizing pressure with which the air is delivered. However, the automated model is capable of adjusting the pressure on its own depending on the client’s needs. This article delves deeper into the difference between the two and why the automatic one is better. Visit this homepage to find out more. 

The machine is used to force air through airways that are partially blocked to enable a person to continue breathing normally. In regular models, the air is blown into the passages at constant pressure without factoring whether a person is having apnoea. However, the automated machine is different because it is fitted with sensors that communicate pressure shifts to the machine. If the breathing is normal and okay, it delivers air at a lower pressure. However, it increases the rate when one reports apnoea. 
When the pressure is generally low, the main benefit of using the automated model is not that it will not bring the pressure to the average, but because there will be no need to adjust it in the future. Regardless of the condition, you have the assurance of enjoying top therapy. This is a sure way of getting your body supplied with the right amount of air for all systems to operate optimally. 
Many automated machines are carefully set to allow the patient to have a wide range of air pressure for greater comfort. A patient will be sure of being able to supply the brain with ample air when the machines need to work at an optimum pressure of 20 cm H2O. The regular model might make the patient unable to effectively sleep when put on bed rest. 
When you acquire the automated model, it is like you have gotten two types of machines in one. This is because the model allows you to either set it to adjust the pressure automatically or have it delivered it constantly just like the regular machine does. This flexibility is a great advantage and makes more people to go for it especially first time users. 
When you but the automated machine, it comes with long warranties and its functionalities are self diagnosing. The seller ensures that clients get the highest value for money by confirming that damages would be catered for during the guarantee period. However, the standard model comes with a lower level guarantee or none because the rate of damages is generally higher. 
Though the automatic blood pressure monitoring and breath pressure machines are generally more expensive, the cost is lower compared to others in the long-term. Because the automatic equipment does not need to be adjusted, the rate of breakdown is generally lower compared to the standard one. When you set out looking for the equipment, it is advisable to use a professional who understands them and their operations well. You should also explain the mission of acquiring the equipment with a breakdown of related medical history.

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A closer look at the differences between regular and automatic cpap