Podiatry is a specific branch of medical science that entails treatment and identification of disorders that are associated with the lower leg, specifically the foot and even more specifically, the ankle area of the foot. One can earn quite a bit of money when involved in such a profession especially if one becomes a sports podiatrist. In order to be a part of this profession one has to first undergo some intensive training for a good number of years after which one has to undergo clinical hands on experience in the subject.
There are several academic institutions that offer podiatry as a subject of study at both the undergraduate and the post graduate levels. The duration of study is usually for four years and might sometimes extend to five depending on the particular branch of podiatry that one happens to be specializing in. Once undergraduate or postgraduate theoretical learning has been completed in a subject of podiatry one has then to apply at the sports podiatry clinic within Sydney in order to be able to do an internship here for a while. The internship is usually unpaid and lasts for no longer than three months.

For plantar fasciitis and heel spur treatment there is a specific type of training session that one has to undergo in order to be able to carry out both the procedures later on, on a person in a successful manner.  This specific training is provided by an experienced podiatrist who is often quite a hard task master and who is known to bring out the best in each and every one of his trainees. The cost of training in podiatry is not too high and is something that can be afforded by one and all without any difficulty.
For heel pain treatment from Sydney and related services one should make an extensive search on the online forums in order to be able to access the best services for the best prices. The clinics and professional medical experts listed by the search engines are generally those who are of a very good reputation.
Before engaging in a profession like podiatry one has to first ensure that one is of a patient and soft disposition. Only then will one be able to make a success of this job as patients need to be treated with a whole lot of care and compassion rather than as objects. The podiatrist is also a person who has to work for very long hours in a day so one has to determine whether or not one has the zeal and physical energy to do the job of a podiatrist. 

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