Before buying CPAP masks online, you must first choose the type that best suits your needs and preferences. You might be surprised to see a variety of CPAP masks to choose from, and each type is different from another in terms of their features and function. Given below is an enumeration of the different types of CPAP masks and their respective description, to give you a brief overview and to help you choose which one is best for you. Visit this website to find out about different CPAP products available.

Nasal Masks. Nasal masks are the most common type of CPAP masks. A nasal mask is a good choice for first time mask users as it seals the triangular area around the nose effectively and comfortably. However, nasal masks could be a bit bulky as it seals air over the nose area, and some users find it uncomfortable to wear something around their noses, and would rather prefer something like a nasal pillow mask.

Nasal Pillow Masks. Nasal pillow masks are a type of nasal CPAP masks that is compact and lightweight. A soft pillow seals around the nares to direct air through and up a cylindrical tube and through the nostrils. People who feel claustrophobic with wearing masks may use this, as it does not cover any part of the face. However, some people breathe through their due to nasal congestion, and nasal pillow masks clearly are not a good choice for them.

Oral Masks. People having a hard time breathing through their noses due to nasal congestion or other complications should choose to use oral CPAP masks. As the name suggests, air is delivered through a tube that directly connects to the mouth to help the individual breathe in more air. For mouth breathers, this is the best CPAP mask to choose.

Full Face Masks. Full face CPAP masks are for people whose mouths tend to open during sleep, and for those people who have nasal complications that require them breathing through both their noses and their mouths. There are a lot of CPAP full face masks online to help you choose which is best for you.

Hybrid Masks. Another option for people who breathe through the nose and mouth is the hybrid type of CPAP masks. Hybrid CPAP masks are a combination of the oral and nasal pillow masks, which also deliver air through both the nose and the mouth. This type of mask is good for people who suffer from a deviated septum or having small nostrils.

There are a lot to be considered when buying CPAP masks online. Sizing and proper fitting are most definitely important when it comes to buying CPAP masks, as leaking may occur. There is also a variety of CPAP brands to choose from, but some people prefer to buy Fisher & Paykel CPAP masks because they usually give return insurance to help consumers with choosing the ideal CPAP masks for them.

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