Not everyone gets renal calculi. However, any one of us can develop renal calculi in our body due to some kind of a physical or a chemical situation in the body. It is not something to be afraid of as there are enough methods which can actually help us solve this problem without going through much trouble. Among those methods shock wave therapy is quite popular.

In shock wave therapy or lithotripsy treatment Melbourne, sound waves are concentrated on the renal calculi in the body using a machine. These sound waves have the ability to shatter the renal calculi without harming other parts of the body. After that the shattered pieces of the renal calculi naturally gets remove from the body when we urinate. There are a couple of main factors considered by a medical professional when they decide to use the shock wave therapy to deal with the renal calculi any patient is suffering from. 

Size of the Renal Calculi

Not every renal calculus can be shattered with the use of shock wave therapy. The smallest ones do not need such a fancy method. They can be dissolved with the use of medication and doing some changes to the diet plan. The largest renal calculi cannot be shattered using this shock wave therapy and requires you to go through surgery. Only the medium sized ones can be shattered with the use of shock wave therapy. The medical professional knows the exact size of renal calculi which can be shattered in this way. Go here for more information about kidney pain

Where They Are Situated

For lithotripsy or the shock wave therapy you have to consider the location of the renal calculi too. If they are situated close to certain areas of the body the medical professional is not going to go ahead with using the shock wave therapy to shatter them.Using these two main factors a medical professional decides exactly what kind of method should be used to deal with the renal calculi in your body. If they decide to go ahead with the shock wave therapy you have no need to fear facing that situation. This is going to be usually performed at a hospital under a general anaesthetic. So, you are not going to feel any kind of pain or discomfort while the procedure is taking place. As long as you take enough steps to go to the right medical professional for this task you will have nothing to worry about. A talented and experienced medical professional is going to handle this situation with extreme care and responsibility.

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Choosing Shock Wave Method To Solve Renal Calculi Problem