People are becoming more and more interested and drawn into this field of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). However, whether it is because the medicinal practices are actually effective, or is as a result of smart marketing by the physicians of complementary and alternative medicine is yet to be determined. However, one fact is undeniable; the popularity is rising. The availability of hair mineral & heavy metal analysis have caused a lot of stir and brought some controversial discussion based on both social and moral grounds. At times even the very credibility of the providers of these services and product being put to question as was the case with hair mineral analysis.
First of all there is no regulatory body that governs the providers of complementary and alternative medicine, this presents a problem in that there is no way for a client seeking treatment can know whether or not the practitioner is actually qualified or trained to carry out the practice. Most of these physicians are non – doctors who may be well versed in the field that they treat but their understanding of the human anatomy and modern science may be wanting. The client is therefore left at the mercy of the physicians. A person who might have sustained an injury when taken to a chiropractor in North Melbourne for example might fail to recover simply because the he was only focused on what he or she knew, without having regard for what modern medicine recommends.Secondly for modern medical services in most countries it is illegal for them to advertise their products, and so they have to look for other ways to make patients know about their services. However complementary and alternative medicine provider is not bound by law and they don’t have any restrictions. They therefore can make whatever claims about their products or services that they target towards specific individuals let say the elderly or the terminally ill. Such a person will not hesitate to dash to try those product or services. At times the advertisers make such incredible claims such as being able to cure a terminal illness in Naturopath Carlton. Most of the time these claims are untrue and only aimed at making money.
Then there is the aspect concerning the safety of the products or services. Since there are no well laid rules and regulations covering procedures to be followed, how does one assure that the patient’s health and wellbeing is guaranteed? For example a physician insisting that a constipated patient should not take modern medicine prescription but should follow an alternative constipation treatment method. How is the safety of this patient being ensured? Then when it comes prescribing medication, what are the parameters that are used to determine the said prescription. How are the patients guaranteed that they are getting the right dosage and not an over dose or under dose.
Lastly most of these treatments don’t present factual tangible evidence about their effectiveness in actually curing or helping the patient to recover. Most of the treatment claims are circumstantial and difficult to substantiate the truth from the fact. For instance a lady conceives after getting treated in a clinic for natural fertility in Melbourne. There is no factual evidence to actually prove that the therapy she underwent through at the clinic is what made her conceive.

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Ethical and Moral Issue In Hair Mineral Analysis Services