If you’ve ever watched television then you would probably think that the only place you could find a recovery stretcher is in a hospital or hanging from a helicopter when the emergency services are trying a last gasp attempt to save a boat crash survivor!

Bu the recovery stretchers that you see mercilessly plucking survivors from the sea or rushing patients into surgery at the hospital have to come from somewhere – hospitals don’t just somehow magic up medical equipment like recovery stretchers. No, in fact companies across the world make recovery stretchers for the unfortunate people who have the need to use one and facilitate emergency services with as many stretchers and medical equipment as they require, for a hefty price of course. After all this is a capitalist dominated world we live in!
So where do emergency services find medical equipment such as recovery stretchers? You’d imagine that you just can’t put in an order at your local Tesco for a couple of hundred recovery stretchers? You’d imagine right because recovery stretchers are specialised equipment and the only place to find specialised equipment is specialised stores and websites.
If for any reason you are in the position where you need to buy a recovery stretcher, then these are a few of the places you should be looking at.
The Internet
By a few places I really mean only one because the best place to find recovery stretchers is the internet. Just one simple search on google and a whole host of recovery stretchers spanning from ambulance stretchers to marine based stretchers will appear on your computer screen in less than two seconds. If there is a better place to find recovery stretchers than I for one would like to know where!
Here are some of the places you should check out on the computer highway. 
Fero is a website that deals specifically in recovery stretchers and it has a wide variety of stretchers that you can choose from which makes it one of the best websites to go to if you are in need of a recovery stretcher. For example if you need a recovery stretcher that is sturdy and lightweight and easily manoeuvrable which also has an innovative track system that also allows for easy removal downstairs then you can go for the Model 11 T recovery stretcher. However if you need a stretcher that holds more weight with less risk of injury that is still easily accessible then you can go for the Model 24 MAXX recovery stretcher.
Jason’s Cradle
Jason’s Cradle is a website that deals with a different kind of recovery stretcher, mainly recovery stretchers that are needed to rescue people from the water. Jason’s Cradle recovery stretchers are universally recognised as some the most innovative and safest recovery stretchers to rescue people from the distress of the ocean, or any water based safety issue. Jason’s Cradle stretchers are easily accessible, have high comfort levels and fit two people so there is less chance and time that someone is left in a dangerous position in the water.

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Recovery stretchers – where to find them?