Does your face loosen as you age? Are you having problems with wrinkles and inappropriate lines in different parts of your face? There are certain things that dermatologist can do to solve your problem; fillers are just one of them. 
Dermal filler is the solution to your signs of aging such as; losing your face fullness and lessen in volume. Fillers are used for the following: 
Fillers are in demand to make thin and imbalance lips go into place.
If you have problems with your contours, like you have it shallow, fillers are used to enhance it.
Creases and wrinkles of the face are the main problems of someone aging from 25-60, fillers are used to soften them.
Weather it had been for years or just a few weeks ago, scarsare very irritating; fillers can be used to improve its appearance. Visit to know more.
Why do skin stretches? 
The stretching of the skin is common especially when you’re ageing, but it is not only ageing that makes the skin stretch which develops into wrinkles and annoying lines. Here are the other factors: 
1. Too much exposure to the sun.
2. Skin stretching can also be inherited.
3. Unhealthy lifestyle.
Are you a good candidate? 
In order to be a good candidate for dermal filler procedures you must possess the following: 
You have to be physically healthy.
Do not engage in vices such as smoking.
Mentally aware of the procedure and you have a goal to improve yourself.
Cost of fillers 
Fillers cost varies in different aspects, this price range is according to an American statistic: 
1. $635 for Calcium hydroxylapatite
2. There are two types for Collagen: 
$544 for Human-based 
$467 for Porcine
3. Fat fillers wherein your own fat in a certain part of your body will be transferred to your desired filling spot – $ 1,682
4. $568 for Hyaluronic acid
5. $917 for Polylactic acid 
6. $969 for Polymethyl-methacrylate microscopheres
Before jumping into having your own filler you must first know how to decide in choosing your surgeon. Here is the important checklist to consider:
1. Is he a certified surgeon by an authorized organization?
2. Did he attend any training for plastic surgery and how many years had he done it?
3. Will he tell you the step-by-step procedure of the surgery?
4. Where will the surgery undertake? If it is in a hospital, does he have special privileges? If it is office-based, is it certified or accredited by an authorized organization?
5. How long will I recover from the surgery and return to my normal activities?
6. What are the possible complications and risks of the surgery? Are the medications already included in the total of your fees?

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