Different therapies are now being used for relieving different problems. Therapies are really effective and have made their way to a popular spot. Therapies are being simultaneously used along with medication. People are also choosing therapies for full recovery. In this blog I am going to speak about cupping therapy. Many athletes are seen having red dots on their body which make them appear bruised. In 2016 Olympics, Phelps was spotted with red dots on his body. These are the marks that are the result of cupping therapy. This process is now quite popular though it is actually an ancient process of healing.

Discomfort and pain is treated with many kinds of therapies offered by sports massage centres. Cupping therapy is one of these popular processes. This process was used by many ancient cultures to treat pain and discomfort. When we put too much pressure on our body or get injured, the muscle is affected with stagnant toxins. The body needs time to flush out the toxin and this stagnant toxin is the cause of the pain we feel. The toxin becomes stagnant when it falls out of the healthy circulation system. In cupping therapy, the therapist of sports massage Sutherland Shire NSW places plastic or silicon cups on the skin. Then a vacuum or suction is created that pulls the toxins to the surface of the skin. This therapy basically brings the toxins back to healthy circulation system so that it gets flushed out easily to relieve pain and discomfort.Now, it is time to speak about the red marks. It is true that the red marks look really bad on the skin. A person with a bruised skin really looks bad. Even one may feel the spots harmful. Once the therapy is complete, the patient is sure to have the spots all over the treated areas. The spots are created because of the toxins that are pulled to the surface. The spots usually get clear after three weeks. If you think that moving three weeks with spots all over your body is weird, I am going to contradict you. No one wants to live in pain. If bearing the spots for a few weeks can relieve pain, nothing can be better.


Cupping therapy pulls the toxic blood to the surface. It makes way for fresh blood to take over the area. By removing the toxins, the body is relieved of pain. There is a feel of relaxation with cupping therapy as the pain subsides. Injured parts with swollenness and damaged tissues can have benefits. The area gets a new flow of oxygen and nutrients.

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Use Of Cupping Therapy For Recovery