Laser eye treatment, otherwise known as LASIK, is a form of surgery aimed at correcting visual problems such as astigmatism, hyperopia and myopia. This form of eye treatment is also meant to do away with eye contacts or glasses. The surgery adjusts or reshapes the cornea with the help of a laser.
It should be made clear beforehand that a laser surgery is not for everyone. It is not appropriate for the surgery to be performed on individuals with eye diseases or disorders. The major factor, however, that will determine whether a patient is suitable for laser treatment is age of the individual. Often, a person under the age of twenty one may not qualify for Lasik surgery. This can be attributed to the fact that the vision of young people might still be undergoing changes, thereby rendering the results of Lasik treatment short-lived.
Before a patient undergoes this form of treatment, it is always important to seek professional advice from a doctor. It is the eye doctor who will decide whether the patient is suitable for this type of eye surgery. During the consultation process, the patient ought to update the medical consultant about their past health history. It is also very important to tell the doctor whether one is currently taking any medicine.
If the patient is good for surgery, the doctor might further explain the benefits, risks and side effects of the treatment. At times, the doctor may provide a number of alternative options. It is good for a patient to be told what to expect after laser surgery is done. Laser eye surgery Darwin normally takes about 30 minutes. A patient will first be led to the examination room where he or she will find a reclining chair. Inside there, he or she will find a laser system. A modern laser system usually comprises of an instrument attached to a computer screen and a microscope.Before the actual surgery is performed, the patient’s eye is often anesthetized using special eye drops. Next, the area around the patient’s eye is thoroughly cleaned. From then on, the surgeon will proceed with his work.
How effective is the treatment? Several studies have indicated that Lasik treatment is 90% effective. It is believed that about 80 to 98% of those who have undergone laser treatment had their visions improved to the point where they discarded their glasses or contact lenses altogether.The effect of laser vision surgery is expected to be permanent. However, for ageing individuals, it is fairly impossible to prevent the eye degeneration. This is a common condition that happens to virtually every ageing person. In other words, it is a factor that is beyond human control. Ideally, the surgery should be performed for long sighted patients, but short sighted ones can benefit from it as well. You can check this out to get more information about laser eye surgery.
Is laser surgery safe? The procedure is completely safe. However, wearing lenses for the first few days after the treatment can feel uncomfortable. The most startling fact about laser surgery is the fear of cornea getting disconnected, but the risk is very small.

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What is Laser Eye Treatment?